29 deadly sigils - the boy

​I just purchased -29 DEADLY Sigils to Harm, Gain Control Or Disarm-the boy’ after coming across it randomly. I am just starting to read it now. But am curious if anyone used this before with success? I’ve done a search on it on here but didn’t really see any thing previously posted about it.

If you have used it is there anything you’d suggest with using this?

Also in the book with number ‘29. To Invite the Action of Death into Someone’s Home’ would it be possible to use it on one particular person or would the whole household be at risk?


I am working with this and the entity in this book, called The BOY. My intention is to form a long term relationship. You should ask him. He will start coming through before you have finished creating the effigy in my experience, but it depends how long you take.

I would expect the whole household would be at risk, but I have not does this spell. Sorceress Cagliastro unapologetically refuses to pull her punches, and her magick is legit. Proceed with caution and have fun :smiley:


Thanks Mulberry!
Its an interesting book ,quite different from others that I’ve read. I do reckon I will have fun with this one!

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I hate to bump an older thread, but I am very interested in this book. I have a couple of quick questions to help me determine whether it would be suitable for me and whether I should continue to try to source it.

Most sigil books don’t use tools, but given the reference to an effigy it seems that this one does. I presume an effigy of the target? Does the process in this book require any other tools, and does the effigy need to be retained.

Does the process require offerings, if so are they of a specific type.

I’ve been trying to find somewhere where I can buy an electronic copy. Amazon only has hard copies. I can’t find any references to it being available on kindle and haven’t found anywhere else offering it electronically. Does anyone know of anywhere that I can buy an electronic copy? Getting a physical copy would involve severe logistical complications so I would really need to go the electronic route.

Thanks in advance


The effigy is of The BOY (The capitals is how it’s name is spelled) with is the entity performing the work. The BOY is a Daemon borne of the despair, sorry abandonment and abuse that occurred in a specific location who was discovered by the Sorceress. You have options, you can make a temporary effigy for one time use, or you can make a permanent effigy if you plan to work with The BOY long term and develop a relationship. I have done the latter. :slight_smile:

Yes, each working is very specific in it’s design, some are difficult to work as like in voodoo, you may need to find a way to place materials in the presence of the target. Often the sigil is burnt, and the ashed are used. For example I performed one where the ashes were smeared on money that I then had to get into the target’s possession, and then the rest are buried on my property with some coins.

This is also blood magick, blood is a tool, so it’s not for those who prefer not to bleed.

If you make a permanent one, yes, you don’t discard your allies after you have built a relationship normally… but not if you use the temporary version out of screwed up paper. You will burn that if I recall correctly (but I never intended to follow this work temporarily so I didn’t pay as much attention to those instructions.)

No. No offerings. This is not remotely related to Kabbalistic or Solomonic or even western grimoiric magick. It’s more akin to very ancient witchery, yet very new. I love this about Sorceress Cagliastro’s work, it’s unique, not derivative of anything JCI and viciously beautiful.

Yes. Buy a paper copy, that’s part of the magick. It’s on purpose: you’re supposed to mark it with your blood and make it uniquely yours, and there is whitespace left for you to write notes in.

That might be a sign that this isn’t the right time for this for you.


Many thanks, I really appreciate the detailed response.

From what I’ve been reading about this book, I was thinking it may be a very useful addition to my long term campaign.
But there are practical issues that come into play. For example, chances of me being able to place anything in the vicinity of the enemy is extremely low.

Also, due to where I live, I can’t do anything that would create smoke, or a flame bigger than a candle, or that would give a smell that would be noticed through the thin walls etc. I also don’t have space to do anything requiring space. So my practicing options are very limited in some ways.

When I refer to logistical difficulties obtaining a physical book, that wasn’t specific to this book. Couriers here only deliver during business hours and I’m never home during business hours. I can’t get it delivered to work. There was only one bookshop in this city that will take orders for books outside of their established supply chains, but they stopped doing so last year (they were my one way of obtaining physical grimoires).

Unfortunately, there are a number of practical obstacles.
I really appreciate you taking the time to give such a detailed response. It was most helpful.


This is exactly why I strongly believe old threads just should not be locked. I am going to buy this book because I need to up the ante on an evil bitch. I find it interesting too that the reviews are so positive for her books because typically when you have occult authors that have written so many books like S. Rob it’s hard to take them seriously sometimes.


I bought the book it hasn’t arrived yet but another one arrived 26 daemons. Honestly I’m not really sure what to say. The book seems semi dangerous if the user isn’t skilled and/or doesn’t have the guts. I have selected one daemon to work with and one that seems the least risky to test out this blood based system.

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