24 planes

I had to make a seperate post just to ask this question.
In the soul traveling course i have arrived at section 11. @E.A speaks of 24 planes, yet i have only counted 1.the physical 2. Astral 3. Causal. 4. Mental. 5 The abyss.(also im assuming the formative plane.

Seeing as i am working my way through these as i go. Do i count the chakras to escape the abyss to go towards the formative plane? I ask early as im workong through the system


I’d suggest talking to one of the spirits who teach soul traveling.

You may find it useful.

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Interesting synchronicity… I was just listening to the Book of Azazel on YouTube and heard 24 dimensions being mentioned. So, 4 of these are the usual length, width, height, and time, and the 5th dimension is consciousness, but what then are the other 19?

According to M-theory, there are 11 dimensions to spacetime and bosonic string theories suggest 26 dimensions, but these are all physical dimensions. If we include the astral, causal, and mental planes that’s 3 more but the numbers still don’t add up. :thinking: