24/7 think of me

today i decided to do this simple ritual


after chanting kleem mantra 108 times which ive been doing for the past month, i did this ritual.
instead of the dragon blood incense i used homemade, handmade inscense which was powered cinnamon in them .

after meditating i held the glass with both hands and started thinking of the good times we had .and how we used to laugh together. and i stared to say “you love me” you want to call me , you want to hear my voice etc and as soon as i started saying it i started to feel a vibration from my feet up in my body and arms , hands and face. i took it as a good sign and continued. then i started feeling a light glowing in my chest and with the visulization i kept saying you love me and every thing along those line. the point was to empty myself of all the feelings i had for her . may be that did the trick.

i was in some good five minutes may be then a scene in my head popped up abt how we fought and what she said to me. then to eliminate that i opened my eyes and let go of the glass… and thought that was it for tonight .

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This afternoon was watching another spell on YouTube and thinking what I did last night . I suddenly felt dizzy and I have a slight pinch in my heart . Could it be the spell I did last night ?

I mean could it have backfired since I felt going back to the target immediately ?

Lying in my bed it’s 4.30 am and I have gremory sigil under my pillow since yesterday in hopes of any dreams as divinations. Last night I didn’t . So tonight I placed my had on it and asked me to show the way to her heart . What must I change mentally ,physically or in my behaviour to make her fall head over heels for me . Show me what must I do.

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You could maybe try this?

Thank you @Lady_Eva

I tried to talk to amon and dantalion . It was very brief . But later I realised I only asked them 3 or 4 questions and made my request of which the answers I already knew. So I was like my subconscious talking to me . And for the questions I didn’t knew the answer to there was silence. So I feel like my mind is playing tricks on me .

So for me smthn in my dreams would be much more clear.

Btw I also am.a lil scared to talk to higher self and stuff. Because I sometime feel negative like I feel giving up and just talk shit to the target because she hurt me and stuff while meditating and even in trials of invoking … and I don’t want to project that to the workings. Any way around that ? Much thanks

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You could try writing out all the negative stuff and burning it, but that might also be a deeper issue, trying to get something while at the same time having negative thoughts about the target, however justified by emotional pain that may be. :thinking:

Magick works best when you have all your stuff lined up and totally focused, even if you need to become temporarily kind of off-balance to do it.


One of the problems and why I feel the resentment is that everytime we develop some sort of bond or we start to communicate really well she tries to stop … she energetically blocks me … and I can feel it … that ikky feeling . It makes me feel like did I do smthn wrong here? N I start to ponder on questions like what should be my next move . What must I say to manage this situation. Which develops an anxious energy.

Can this be used to eliminate her limiting beliefs towards me ? Like writing a letter to her saying that "you don’t feel a certain way towards me . You feel like opening up to me . Etc etc ?

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It’s often considered quite difficult to get an ex back, or win over someone who’s rejected you. I mean I never managed anything like that when I was single.

I think these mixed feelings may be part of why. :thinking:

I don’t think there’s a single easy thing you can do, but sdo try this, it;s not just self-help, in the Joe Vitale book he mentions it sometimes influencing others, especially when it’s for their own good:

Try it on your feelings, frist, hers only after you feel reasonably unconflicted towards her.

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Thank you @Lady_Eva

As for the divination
There weren’t any . Just random dreams … nothing abt her .

going to try this tonight.

been contemplating for sometime now. but last week i decided to do it today.
going to do it with white candle instead of red. its really hard to find colored candles around here. since white is a substitute for all colors

going to do it in the day of the venus and hour of venus.
i have the photographs . will face south. and decided to include ladilok in the ritual including astarte as it is in the original ritual.

Whenever I listen to sargatanas enn or recite it …I feel sleepy and sometimes my ears ring too. . Why ?

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