22 Hebrew letters of Sitra Achra

Good day. Has anyone practiced with the book of sitra achra from current 218? There is a very interesting thing: “22 Letters of Mindless Light, the magical powers of their respective Daimons and the seal, with which these powers can be achieved”

That means that it’s possible to gain these powers by invoke demon of Hebrew letter.
But I have no idea how to invoke these demons. There is now incantation or chanting formula in the book. There is just seal and description.

Anyone know how to invoke demons of 22 hebrew letters? Maybe need to vibrate Hebrew letter while open seal? Any ideas?

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i just looked up sigils in the book when i needed them, so i don’t know about that, but how about just meditating on them with the intention of invoking them? i mean i’d try that with vibrating the letters

Sithra Ahra is most beautiful but this is like new info

maybe are the letters of the names of the 11 wrathful Gods of Azerate?


:heart: Vedargal Tiekals Somdus Azerate :heart:

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No. The book of sitra achra contains : 11 rulers, 60 emissaries, 22 demons of Hebrew letters, 12 princes of zodiacs. So I am asking about 22 demons of Hebrew letters.
There are instructions and magical formulas about how to invoke emissaries, but little information about 22 and 12 other demons.

So have anyone worked with seals of 22 hebrew letters?

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I just meditated by gazing at the sigil while vibrating the letters name. When I felt the time was right, I stated my intention. That was enough to invoke the demons energy. Try this before going to sleep. This is some really powerful shit that I can seriously recommend. I’ve had great success with the 22 silencing letters of the other side.

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