2020 Blow Out Real Career and Job Spells

These Spells all have been done by people I know Within my Coven and have worked for them. they are allowing me to share these spells today. So enjoy.

Spell 1
1. A balloon spell for getting your job application noticed over others

1. A balloon
2. A luggage label on which you have written, all in capt. Letters ( MAY MY APPLICATION RIDE HIGH AND BE NOTICED.

Before or immediately after sending your Personal Profile Resume or application in.

The Spell:
1. Climb halfway up a hill or across an open space, affix the label to the balloon, and say ten times, ( Find me, notice me favorably, hire me, I am right for your vacancy.
2. Go to the top and repeat the words ten times before releasing the balloon.
3. Run or walk down the hill as fast as you can, repeating both sets of words.

Spell 2
To get an interview in an area or field with High Unemployment

1. A copy of your resume or profile
2. A triangle of three blue soft wax candles, with your resume in the center

Weekly until you get an interview or offer.

The Spell:
1. Light all 3 candles and say, ( I light this fire to raise my profile higher. Think highly of me. Speak well of me, that you ( then say the name of the company ) may see, how right I will be, in this job I greatly desire.
2. Carefully drip the wax on each of the four corners of your resume.
3. When the wax is set, fold the corners inward, dripping wax to seal the paper together. Say, ( Set a seal to reveal the break that I will take with all my zeal and so my fortunes wake.
4. Blow out the candles as you do so, repeat: So does my light shine forth.
5. Keep the wax sealed copy where day light shines on it until your lucky break comes.

Spell 3
A 3 day Job spell

1. 3 Blue candles in a row
2. A Job description from a newspaper, online ad, or write your own

Starting on a Thursday night going for 3 days Ending Saturday night.

The Spell:
1. On night 1 light the left most candle.
2. Read aloud your job description.
3. Say: ( This job is mine, this job is for me, ever closer and closer shall it be.
4. Blow out the candle, leaving the job description in front of it.
5. On night 2 light the first candle and the second middle candle.
6. Reread the job description, repeating the spell words and adding, ( So close that I can see, the job will very soon belong to me.
7. On night 3, light all 3 candles, read the job description, and say: ( This job is mine, this job is for me, ever closer and closer can I see the job that now belongs to me.
8. Leave the Candles lite, Burn the job description outside, saying ( The jobs free and comes to me. ) best to leave the candles burn out on their own, but if you can’t wait let them burn as long as you can before putting them out.
9. On day 4, apply for the job or follow up on your application.