2018 Change Your Life Motherfuckers

Okay this post got me thinking

https ://forum.becomealivinggod.com/t/new-years-goals-now/21433?u=c.kendall

It’s almost 2018, let’s gets this shit going, perform a divination with Runes, Shells or Tarot, and see what’s standing in the way of things.

Then write down all that you won’t gone or changed in your life, then write what you want in your life like, what your dream job and shit like that.

Go to your most trusted spirit you’re most worked with entity, ask them how you can manifest this change.

Use all you can and change your life by 2019 I want all of you to have all you want in your future, nothing is too far from reach.

Trust me you can get your dream girl / guy, your dream career or your dream house trust me no matter who or what you are, or where your from you can do it.

Use your power and practice to bring about your perfect life let’s do this motherfuckers change everything.

Get your dreams and get all you want.

You can do this.


Quiet the motivational speaker! :laughing: love it :heart:


I am using soul travel for this very purpose to affect change in my life


I know should get a podium with a inverted pentagram on it, and address all my followers as cocksuckers or motherfuckers haha then use my goat head hand posture.


Haha!! Well, I would love it but I’m into some crazy shit! :joy::smiling_imp: