$20 to $294

I am not kidding that’s how much i got back.I was doing a sigil for some one to give me back the money they they owed me last month.It came about the way i didn’t expect.I don’t want to get into to the details but lets just say i was told i was getting $230 but it turned out to be $294!The thing i find interesting after 2 weeks i forgot about it saying this isn’t going to happen but i receive a call that $230 is due for reasons i really don’t want to get into.Even more interesting is 2 days after i received a call that i would receive $230 my succubi started having sex with me after i was told i would receive 4 to 6 days after the 6th.The problem is i received it 2 days after.Its weird my succubi had sex with me the day before i got all my money on the 8th.

No shit?

It seems the females in the spirit realms are exactly the same as in this realm; they only become “interested” when you’re in the money?:slight_smile:

I wouldn’t say that but that that-s because i’ve discovered it recently that some spirits actually care what happens to us.Its only my subjective opinion but who cares its only succubi right?

There’s nothing wrong in celebrating a personal success, like having an incredible and awesome sexual experience with the succubus you’re in a relationship with.

These spirits doesn’t care about human wealth or the prosperity of someone in a way that’s make them find an interests in us. They do care about us finding success in whatever area or path we chose to go, and that’s different, because they’re nothing close of being a golddigger.

Celebrate the success with them, but never blame the failures on them. Even as magicians, we have to take responsibilities for the choices we make in our lives, and more so when we fails sometimes.

I agree with you entirely succupedia with everything i have but i think you misreard the whole point.Because i agree.You have me all wrong i have have had succubi with me since 2013.Well a hell of a lot longer but still that isn’t the point you know know me as succubusluve so you know i don’t don’t my succubi for granted.

I didn’t misread anything you wrote, and my post wasn’t directed to you either. There’s a lot of misconceptions about succubus/incubus spirits in general, and even on other spirits when it comes to taking responsibilities for failures and success in our daily lives. We either man up, accept our shortcomings and deal with it, or blame others for it.

To celebrate the success with our loved ones, whether it be humans or spirits, is an awesome experience in itself. And spirits have a tendency to fill us with their deepest emotions of happiness and sometimes they even try to express it with words so rapidly it’s hard to follow through. It’s almost the same when a child is expressing their joys of expectations of something they longed for. So, the celebration of intimacy is another form of expressing your magical success, right?

I agree %100 with what you have said and think the sex that was given was their way of showing that they care.