2 workings for similar goals at the same time? OK or am I stupid?

I just completed a Psalm/candle/Divine Name working. Literally, my time table said I needed to do it an 21:55 and I did and now it is over. (many thanks to DarkestKnight, who helped me out a lot)

While I was waiting for 9:55pm PST, I was reading one of Damon Brands books which led me to a book on Sigils by Adam Blackthorne. (these guys are apparently from the same group of magicians)

I am in the process of changing jobs. I left mine about 9 days ago but I have some work set up for next week. Anyway, Mr Blackthorne has a sigil for finding jobs that are healthy for a person. So I thought that would be a great thing to use.

So here is my confusion.

If my Psalm/candle/Divine Name covered the job thing, should I be doing a sigil too. I bring it up because the sigil book says it will work with other magics, but the Damon Brand books say that something called “Lust for Results” can ruin magic.
So would doing the sigil be seen as not trusting the first working, thus ruining it. Or would it be seen as complimentary? Or is there anyway to know?

(the Psalm thing covered my whole life, the sigil is only good for employment, but they do overlap)
it could be viewed as a lack of faith.

I am very new to magic. That candle magic was the first magic I ever did on purpose. So I don’t know what I am doing.

Thank you for considering this question.

What was the purpose of the candle spell? Was it general or specific?

If it was a general good luck spell, then using the sigil in the book for employment would be complimentary.

“Lust of results” refers to the desperate, emotional attachment to the desired result of the magick. When you do a spell, you have to release your hold on the deisre, or you steal the the energy from the magick.

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The purpose for that prayer/spell was, according to the book:

Psalm 91 - To become closer to God and gain divine blessings. Prepare a purple candle to attract. The Divine Name is “EL.”

It said that I should also say my own prayer, so a prayer in my own words after reading the Psalm exactly as it was written.
I did that. BUT. I did not confine my personal prayer to only “becoming closer to God and getting Divine blessings”. It had some other stuff in it.
Was that a mistake? Did I dilute the purpose by adding extraneous shit to my prayer.
(on second thought, everything I prayed for could all be covered by “devine blessing” but I am wondering if a more focused prayer/spell/working gets better results.

(thanks again DarkestKnight - I work another one today, just before 4pm PST (15:58 to be exact).
the book says I can do 2 if I want. So I will work a green candle for “fortune”, put it out, then a purple candle for “knowledge”

I think I need blessing, knowledge and fortune to be better at being alive and to be better spiritually. I don’t know if those are the correct words but I think you know what I am talking about.

I have another question too, yesterday I did not do the workings because I felt sick, I had this idea that it would sort of screw up the energy of the whole thing. Is that a right or should I have just done them anyway.

It is best not to do magick when you are ill, as magick can deplete your energy, and so increase the impact of the illness. Also, the negative energy of your illness could inadvertently affect your working so it is better to wait.

OK, I am glad I waited. I feel fine today so I will proceed.

Are there types of magick that should not be done together. For instance, the Christian tradition would lead me to believe that it is not a good idea to mix Psalm magic with Wiccan magic.
Or is that just a superstition?
(I read a post on here asking if you could summon an angel and a demon at the same time, the post seemed to indicated it was OK)

I don’t want to diminsh the magick by mixing incompatible approaces/sources to it.
(you know, you wouldn’t invite both Nazis and Rabbis to the same barbeque party at your house, not unless you wanted a horrible party)

I think it would depend on the approach. For example, a ritual calling upon the Christian god and the Wiccan god and goddess would probably just be muddled and confused as each deity is seen as the Most High in the different traditions, and so incompatible.

However, if you are a follower of the Wiccan tradition, you could probably use the Psalms if you truly believe the god being called upon is your own. Most psalms are general enough that they could be slotted into different religious beliefs without issue.

A good example is the popular Wiccan author Silver Ravenwolf, who along with being a Wiccan priestess, also practices Dutch Hexcraft, a form of folk magick that uses psalms.

I guess what I am tip-toeing around is that if I am doing Divine Name/Candle/Psalm magic, am I able to do sigil magic.
So I am guessing personal sigils would be alright to use, but I would need to watch out if I were using a spirit powered sigil.
Unless the spirit were an angle, or maybe a Divine Name powered sigil, than I would assume it is alright?
Sound reasonable, or am I wrong?

As I said, it is all about your approach. There are many Christian magicians that work with demons. A good example is Rufus Opus.

You can do your psalm magick, and you can use spirit seals without any problems. In my opinion, you are overthinking things.

You might find it helpful to space your rituals a few hours apart if you are afraid of contamination of your workings. Try doing the psalm workings in the morning or afternoon, and working with a spirit seal at night.