2 weeks ago something strange happened

Since 6 years old my mother is dealing with other entities.
She has great tarot reading talent and I learned a lot from her.
There has been many years since she stopped reading Tarot
Because she said she does not want to be bother with other entities any more.
2 weeks ago she read tarot for my friend.
She said she vas visited with a woman in black that night
she also said that she was holding a child in her hand
Later We found out that my friend was with a child
But I still could not comprehend the visitor.
My mother said she stood all night long besides our bed but did nothing. She also said that the entity had slow moves.
I burn some herbs and did some work it did not happen again.


imo it was just a message

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About what?

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Prophetic message of your friend being with a child no?

Yeah. Probably