2 Sanctums

Anyone else like this?

Due the blessing of living in a large house, with 2 levels- 5 bdrs- I am deciding to open up another “Temple” / Sanctum upstairs. The laargest room in the house, 16x20 approx. Where I can use it for “Bigtime” hardcore evokations and other workings.
It will totally empty except for my ritual stuff.
Part of the reason is the lack of disturbance I will have. No wife calling me; no codependant doggies whining for daddy. And it is always spirit occupied anyway; but i can bring them to heel.

I love my downstairs room, but it is partly got storage, but is conveniant.

Sounds great. I can attest that a single life affords some real privacy and living space for Sorcery.

On the North side of my residence I have a very large addition made of natural stone walls and irregular slate floors. Inside this addition, the West wall has a fireplace. Vaulted wood ceiling. This room is one of the reasons I bought the house. Since then I have built my sanctuary there.

I keep a large Antique Armoire there that is a dedicated portal, and an old ornate desk for lab sorcery work. I rescued a large Masonic officers lodge chair from a local antique store and is comfortable for reading and enjoying the fireplace too. The usual fixtures of consisting of mirrors, bones and oil lamps abound. Old and new spirits come and go.

It was only after my divorce that I found a place that let me work in peace and solitude. Cable TV, New Cars, and a collection of Blue Ray Discs are empty wants left over from married life - but now? A dedicated room for Sorcery is on my list of must haves.

(Now if I could only have got her to take the Dogs when she left after 25 years. However they are better company I suspect.)