2 Person Energy work "Ritual" i need a second person for to try

so i had a vision earlier that gave showed me doing a ritual with a friend of mine. Which i wanted a second person for as my friend is a bit scared of spirituality nowadays. Also i share this so everyone else can try this, with a friend of theirs if they want.

1 we will push energy as much as we can into the others solar plexus
2 we will create a energy circuit by doing this
3 we will channel as much energies as possible into the circuit
4 we will continue this but with every cycle, cycle the energy through the entire energy system one time (breath or just energy work doesnt matter)
5 Continue doing this and push more energy into the energy circuit, cycle it more and more
6 now program the energy going out of your solar plexus to empower the other ones energy body and all his abilities, i will do the same
7 feel your solar plexus burning hotter and hotter as we continue doing this, at some point it will pick up pace on its own and we will both get stronger noticeable by the second
8 Now focus on the circuit long enough and just watch the flow and make sure you feel it getting stronger and stronger if thats the case just watch the circuit and feel how it keeps going
9 you can either let it run or do 5 and 6 for as long as you want to make this more intense

About the benefits i am not yet 100% sure but i believe them to be:

-Purification of the energy body
-Empowerment of the energy body
-Empowerment of all supernatural abilities
-Empowerment of the chakras
-Stimulation of the entire energy system

Whoever wants to try this with me, send me a dm

Only things needed here are being good with energy work, have good energy sensitivity and a sturdy energy body.

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Okay ill try