2 padrinos? Palo and Santeria question

Quick question…Is it okay to have a padrino in Palo Mayombe and a different padrino in Santeria?

Basically, if I feel that one might be more hands on in Palo how can I avoid being disrespectful? Do I chose one to do Palo or the other to do Palo and Santeria? Bc one of them does both. But both have want to scratch me in.

I’ve heard that studying two of the Afrocarribean currents at once is confusing.


They’re not confusing when it’s palo and Santeria. When receiving kofa or Mano de orula, your babalawo who’s giving it to you, is your first padrino, a padrino in Ifa. He might tell you you need a rayamiento, or to be scratched. I got sent over to a tata who scratched me, who became my padrino in palo. I am making Ocha in a period of time, and I will have a separate Madrina there, with a yubon, who’s like the second in command. So in total, I have 3 padrinos.
One in ifa, one in Ocha, one in palo. You can have several padrinos or you can have one padrino for palo and Ocha.

However, I’m not gonna speak in absolutes. Palo and Santeria vary so greatly by house that sometimes it’s like each house is practicing a different religion. However one thing is clear, palo and Santeria go hand in hand and sometimes one religion will send you to get initiated in the other, and sometimes it wont.


Quick question…Is it okay to have a padrino in Palo Mayombe and a different padrino in Santeria?

Why not? At the end of the day it’s up to you.
Just explain in respects I have many paths to my road. Just remember if your learning from a babalow Malebo sure he is open minded to palo. Because I have met many Obatalla babalows that frown on palo which I do not agree. As long as you keep palo beliefs in palo and orisha in ifa you should be good.

My Tata in Palo and my Padrino in Santeria are the same person. In my area it is very hard to find anyone that practices any ATR so I was lucky to find him. He has a different Tata and Padrino and contacts both of them regularly depending on what issue he may need assistance with. If you are not sure just get a reading and ask the spirits how they want you to proceed.

This is usually the norm.