2 insights on clearing qlipothic energy?

Is anyone here who is a real Christian, jew, occultist or khabbalist know how to clear sexual qlipothic entities or energy if one has been masturbating or acting upon lust frequently in an openly disobediant way?
Any rituals for clearing qlipoth from the sex organs, mind brain, heart etc to feel a’fresh and is there any meditations to remain chaste but not in fear of sex?

Lol I feel engulfed by gnarly stagnant qlipoth from the last 5 years of frequent disobediant sexual sin and am in need of clearing. Ritual baths goods? Any music or hymns?

I’ve seen ritual baths and the like. I’m catholic but looking for some practical things that can be done routinely or perhaps a few times here and there.

So, you masturbate a lot basically, am I right?

Definitely lol.

Cleanse, ground, masturbate once in three days.It is MUCH easier said and done let me tell you that.

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

Learn to sublimate lustful energy by pulling it into yourself and circulating it to empower yourself.

Channel it into creative expression.


DarkestKnight has a good point.Maybe pick up one of Mantak Chias books and learn to use that energy for your benefit? :smiley:

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Could you please give me some examples on clearing or grounding?

You have been doing magick before learning these two my dude? :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

Well, use the search function, move your ass up :point_up:


Are you familiar with the book The Magick of Angels and Demons by Henry Archer?

The combination of the Shem angel Yezalel and the Goetic demon Beleth can “sublimate sexual energy into creative energy, so that one who resists sexual release is able to create with immense power.”


I’ve actually had beleth in my life since converting to christianity at 21… but no I have not heard of that. Only sexual transmutation stuff. I’m in yesod right now and contemplating exiting the seraph as I’m not trying to “conquer a qlipothic dimension”, more so it’s as simple as the things you guys are suggesting.
I’m assuming vibrating yesod without looking into it fully beforehand wasn’t smooth idea

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Why in the living fires of Hell would anyone want to clear Qliphothic energy??? :scream: :flushed:

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Because its decedent lol

Some people don’t want to have those things so present in their lives. I find Sephirotic energies more pleasant and usually I don’t even think about the Qliphoth during my daily life, as what they represent are, in general, not things I would like to have in my life, which is ironic, since I’m MagusOfGamaliel, but my succubi and incubi and I have currently a great house in Netzach

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