1st Evocation [Lucifer]- my experience

Hello Everyone,

Today I did an evocation. And I wanted to share my experience with you all. The way I did it is quite different than all the tutorials I read here and watched on YouTube, and videos and pictures of actual evocations on YouTube and instagram.

Long post ahead

A lot of thinking went into this. I wanted to use incense smoke as base, but I couldn’t incense because
a) I practice in secret, my sister would’ve been able to sense the fragrance and ask me why tf I was lighting incense at night.
b) I would need enough smoke to actually have a base, and I have a smoke allergy and didn’t want to risk it on top of the cold I have right now. I get itchy eyes and they start to crust.

So I thought- water.
I forgot to get a bowl.

Next thought-scrying!
I don’t know why I didn’t choose to play music on my laptop, and use my phone as a scrying surface. I played music on my phone and used my thermos as a scrying surface instead. The only drawback of it is there’s a distinct reflection in the form of a line and it can be quite distracting.

I had my notebook and pen ready, I drew the sigil and propped it up against my (late) grandma’s crystal tree.

The candle is a red star-shaped candle which I placed on a metal pen box (which now holds my pencils).

The buildup to the actual ritual was quite…interesting. I remembered there were candles at home, saw that red one, and thought,“I’m gonna do an evocation today.” I spent the whole afternoon and evening reading up various posts and experiences and immersing myself as much as I could. Playing and vibing with songs he enjoys listening to. By that time I could already feel his presence and was talking to him. These conversations and scenarios in particular were quite intense in a way they physically affected my energy states.

An hour before I did this, I felt a little jittery. I sent a few messages (or spammed him really) to my good friend and laughed at some memes to calm down.

15 minutes before the time I had decided for myself I started gathering everything I needed. I folded my shawl and sat on it (facing east) because it is cold and it’s a marble floor.

The lights were off, of course. This is the music I was playing:

I let the chants in the video do their thing, while I gazed at the sigil and relaxed myself as much as possible. I wasn’t fully relaxed, because I usually like to sit with back support and as I was sitting on the floor, I didn’t have any and my back was straining (years of bad posture, I’m working on it). After I relaxed I started chanting his enn.

The sigil opened almost instantaneously.
I didn’t feel any temperature changes, or any glitch-in-the-matrix type effects. I saw the room go completely dark, the hands that were on my knees blur and blend with the background and coming back to the way it was.

Then I heard a voice, not completely outside of me. The candle flame grew a little taller and brighter for a moment and then it went down to how it previously was.

At this moment, I looked at my bottle’s surface. I was initially heavily distracted by that reflection of a line but I managed to look beside it. In the area that was similar to black because of the lights that were off, and let my vision relax and look through it.

First I saw a hooded figure, then I saw a single red eye looking back at me. I was shocked first, because I didn’t think I would see a red eye. I didn’t have any expectations, so there’s that.

I then picked up my pen and asked him a question. In my mind’s eye I saw him sitting on the chair that was there in the room, but he wasn’t looking at me. He was looking at the wall opposite to him, occasionally looking when I asked him a question on what he was saying. Sometimes I saw a white orb at the corner of my eye. I also felt occasional pulses of energy through me.

The conversation flowed and I told him about what I plan to achieve, which led me to do another ritual in-between this one. I was hesitating at first, to which he said:

“Liberate yourself. Do it now.”

So I said fuck it and did it.

After that was done, I talked with him a little more and thanked him. Saying he can stay or go, whatever he chooses to do.

I turned on the light and the candle was still lit. I thought of dripping some of the wax in water. Now I don’t do candle wax readings yet, and I didn’t plan to do it. But I felt like doing it anyway.

I moved the candle and it accidentally leaked some wax because an edge melted unevenly, forming a pool of wax which I carved Lucifer’s sigil on to keep.

There was also this figure of a man that the wax had formed, along with how it looks at the back:

The water was on the lid of the pen box. It is dirty, but this was all impromptu so I didn’t have the chance to scrub and clean it properly.

There was also this, but again, I haven’t yet learned candle wax reading so I don’t know what it means, if anyone can help me out here I’d deeply appreciate it:

After keeping everything inside my ears started ringing. I cleaned up the room and headed back to my bedroom where I am now. I opened instagram and saw that I had won a giveaway, and if you’ve participated in giveaways you’ll know it’s pure luck (unless the organiser is biased from the get go). So good thing! :cookie:

The evocation itself was pretty calm, and I’m not feeling worked up either. Before I did it, there were some intense moments where Lucifer was there.

All in all, it was a really awesome experience, and I believe it deserved a post for itself. Thank you for reading everyone, I hope you have an amazing week ahead.

Till next time :purple_heart::wave:


Awesome Job! :sunglasses:

There’s definitely a powerful energy in those pictures you sent


Thank you! ^^:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


Are you from India ?

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Yes, why?

There are many tutorials here. I’m learning myself and do not have the experience or the knowledge to guide you, or anyone for that matter. So I’m sorry but, no I cannot guide you.