15 word generation

Hello everyone. I used a 15 word generation while asking what god wanted to by my patron/matron deity (greek gods/goddess). any help would be great. Thanks everyone. I also encourage everyone to use this method to try to connect to a deity.

15 words:

variable / review / glide / dilemma / bother
load / subway / emotion / location / cherry
cemetry / bed / sequence / problem / reality

agian any help with who the matron or patron could be, would be great.

I actually thought the title referred to the attention span of today’s younger people.
But I don’t know what this is.
Am I correct though in reading that you don’t know what it means yourself, but that you encourage other people to do the same?

Can you give some more details about the process?

EDIT: Never mind, I googled it.

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lol. Yea its pretty simple just random word generation as a way to allow connection from a god/goddess to you

Then, it, just like any other divination tool or whatever is intended for you yourself to interpret. You shouldn’t ask anonymous internet users for this. Go with what it means to YOU.
That will prove far more rewarding for your growth.


donald tyson has a book on how to summon your personal demon i guess that maybe a good start too

eh i dont really do demons tbh, i prefer gods/goddesses but thank you !

There are so many beautiful Oracle decks of greek and or roman Gods and Goddesses… Try them to see which calls to you most

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Intiguing idea for chaos magick. I like it. Are they the first words that come to mind or are u using some kinda generator like software, or perhaps pulling words out of a hat? Either way, i like it

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ok i will check some out

i just use a word generator online

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