11:11:11 Stargate - The Gateway on November 11th

The Gateway on November 11th is ushering in a new level of life experience unknown to us so far. The 11 Mastery code is activating higher neural networks of quantum expansion. The brain centers are opening to higher realms of infinite holographic possibilities”

On this day seven years ago, a multitude of Light Bearers awakened to their soul’s truth and purpose. A wave of new Light-filled Souls entered the collective field in unison. It altered the direction of Gaia’s destiny into 5D and higher. On this sacred day of 11:11:11 another wave of awakening will propel us into an expanded space of unity consciousness”

I cannot emphasize enough how powerful the 11:11:11 threshold activator is. It is the most momentous event of 2018”

11 is a Mastership code, 2018 is a Mastership year. As we advance from the 1900’s into the 2000’s we are evolving beyond duality and into balance and equality. 11:11 symbolizes the circuit connection between self and others, between yin and yang, between human and soul. It is the unifier and equalizer”

I’ve received a number of news letters over these few days from various light workers, so I began paying attention. Unfortunately I can’t participate in this global activation as I don’t have the money to afford it. I was wondering if anyone else has information regarding this (Different interpretation etc) or anything related to what November 11th might hold and perhaps how all of us here may benefit from this :ok_hand:


This is interesting… I stopped seeing this number and maybe the past two weeks all I see is 11:11 or 13 and 1331. Interesting

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I’ve heard of the same thing you’re talking about. It’s powerful time for magick.

Does this have anything to do with the 11:11 phenomenon?

For years I’ve been getting the 11:11 thing, always in the day as I’m usually asleep for the second 11:11.

This year since Jan 3rd, I’ve been getting 10:10, 11:11, 12:12, 13:13. 14:14, 15:15, 16:16 & 17:17. Like almost every single day. Haven’t seen past 17:17 regularly yet though. Every time I research it just tells me that this is an angelic message and a call to action, but for what lol? Just wondered if this thread is related to such matters.

11’s the road, OP! So it’s only natural that more 11s = more roads to drive down. It’s a Great Day for Groove! :slight_smile:

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Just don’t be expecting aliens from space #projectbluebeam

If you’ve done any kind of lightworker activation, earth grid connection or cosmic chakra mediation you’re probably already open to these energies and good to go.

Edit: And right after I wrote that, I went into the kitchen to put the kettle on, and the clock on the oven said 11.11 lol. SHM.

These energies want to be worked with, you don’t need a guru to lead an activation, just contact them yourself via intention.


:joy: Projectbluebeam, one of my favs!

There are other threads on here regarding those numbers but to answer your question, maybe it does maybe it doesn’t. “You’l have to stay tuned. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to the channel and hit the bell notifications” :rofl:

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It is a bunch of BS and a scam based on human tendency to assign meaning to otherwise meaningless things such as patterns that stand out. 11 stands out so much as a series of repeating numbers that the mind thinks is unusual to catch but usually has no special meaning. It is just the mind latching onto a pattern. It is just a bunch of new age nonsense with a loose basis in numerology. Placebo effect enhancing ones abilities during this time is possible but no overt meaning.

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Do you know what it is? I find a lot of spiritual followers will fall victim to it. Even the guys on yt i like and are cool.

I do, yeah. Don’t think it will happen :slightly_smiling_face:

Hiya! This is a misconception. :slight_smile:

The world is full of esotericism, exoteric reality is just one interpretation of everything but that doesn’t mean it’s the right one. The sensory equipment you’re using to read this information is formed off vibrations and frequencies, sounds and colors- the hardware of the world! :slight_smile:

Numbers are the closest image representation of frequencies we have, so they’re very broadly applicable esoteric resonances. Nothing that’s worth the time is overt, everything valuable is hidden in plain sight! It rolls out to ‘who had the stuff to see what’s really going on?’ Everything is magical and of esoteric, symbolic application. Thinking there’s a difference between magic and not-magic is a common mistake, but it really is a mistake! The world isn’t separate from itself, humans just make it seem that way because it’s convenient for us to subscribe to illusions that have no reality outside of our own. :slight_smile:

Watch the documentary Akasha on YouTube- there’s footage of corn starch and water becoming a creature due to vibrations! Nothing isn’t magic, it’s your job to see what jives though. :slight_smile:

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I suppose we could compare notes now. How did you feel yesterday? I dug through some of my really old books and I missed some important information there. The night before I couldn’t sleep, i was really energized. Through out the day I felt very in tune with my higher self. My initial plan was to make contact with my doppelganger as the channelings from Metraton said the veil between the the 3rd and 5th dimension would be incredibly thin but I didn’t get to it unfortunately. Life happened :man_shrugging::no_good_man:

I would be careful saying this as a mage unless you’re saying all props are bs. Like, oh idk, … a sigil, or the color black for candles, a talisman or maybe only working with some daemons at night, or on certain days or the full moon… etc etc. Symbolism is the basis of the psychodrama leveraged for magik.

Don’t see how you you can pooh pooh one but happily subscribe to another. At that rate if you’ve ever used a prop to do your workings, you have been ‘scammed’ according to you.

If you don’t feel a specific symbolism, that’s one thing - that energy will not be meaningful to you and you won’t be able to do anything with it. That doesn’t mean it won’t work for others.


I am not saying it doesn’t have value as a prop or psychological placebo in fact I believe I mention that but I am saying the whole big special date and alignment of energy for the world that is being advertised is not how it works. It should also be said that there are objective reasons why tools and sigils work beyond psychological aids.
Reasons such as energetic properties of the pattern or material, the stored energy within, connections between an energetic construction and physical object. None of which this date share. The date shares only a psychological belief with no objective energetic backing as a whole. It is not like an eclipse or planets aligning, nor is it like a mantra even with power built into the words by refined technique and the practice of thousands of others creating a programmed energetic reserve. As much as people hate to admit it magick is as much a science as an art.

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Keep you money in your pocket… Zero it is the number to pay attention to, not 11. Don’t mean to bust a bubble but you’re allowing yourself to be scammed if you trust that information. Use quantum theory but don’t follow that crowd of would be light workers. (yeah right) Do your own thing and create from your own intentions! (non attachments)