11:11 number meaning?

Anyone have any input on what this means. I’m alittle wary of the new age “angel numbers” meanings for these types of numbers. Im starting to see this number more…

I’ve seen others but wasn’t expecting to see this (as I had rarely seen it compared to the others , 222s/333s/etc).


From my understanding, It means your awakening. I have also seen 1111 but I see 333, 444, 555, 222 the most. There’s a thread talking all about numbers. I recommend you check it out.



I’ve been seeing it when thinking about specific dreams I’ve had when I was little, and when also thinking about Spiritual matters (like while posting about thinking beings are external to and other stuff like that). I didn’t expect to see it, which surprised me. The other numbers I’m kinda used to but 1111 is rarer for me.

Which is why I posted this thread to ask, I found that peculiar that I saw that while debating my opinion I had and thinking about that


And from my understanding on the sites I’ve read 333 means the “Ascended Masters are with you”

And 222 means “balance” or at least I think I know there’s like a deeper meaning or whatever.

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The dreams was about someone (a lady), I believe they were actual dream visits, due to certain reasons, but would see 1111 after pretty deeply in thought about them and her.

(I used to get occasional really vivid, and weird dreams about this lady, not often but she definitely had an energy to her)

I won’t get into further detail on her though, it’s pretty complicated and was a confusing experience/time for me.

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I’ve seen videos talking about 1111 what they normally say is when you see this number reflect on what you are thinking about in the moment, But I’ll tell you now I am not a expert in this stuff That is as far as my knowledge goes about numbers. As for this lady that keeps visiting you that’s interesting. It could mean something… possiblity a spirit trying to get your attention?:thinking: I’m not sure But definitely something worth looking into

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Yeah, in the dreams she used to watch me from a distance, in one she sat me down and had me go over some things with her, others she would be doing some weird dance (maybe ritualistic type?) And another chased me (well 2 others).

Oh and forgot the best one, she pushed me down a hole in the ground In a dream into a dark place where I had to face my subconscious. I remember that one, she shoved me and I fell down, but managed to grab the edges of the hole/pit/etc but fell anyways and was greeted by a wolf like monster…

The dream part of that anyway

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Huh… interesting. Yeah I don’t know to be honest with you. I’m still learning magic, right now I’m trying to learn how to soul travel and I still don’t have All my senses open yet…sometimes I can hear spirits sometimes I just feel them. Hopefully someone more experienced can help you find out who this mysterious person is.

Good luck to you. :+1:

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No worries, was more so sharing my experiences with that part of it. It was more so the 1111 I wanted to know about.

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As for the numbers thread you should check it out the guy knows his stuff!

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Will do!

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11 is the one beyond 10. K is the 11th letter in a number of alphabets - for example the English, Chaldean, Greek and Latin alphabets. It’s the last letter of Magick. It’s attributed to the god Jupiter, whose vehicle is the eagle, symbolic of Magick power in its feminine aspect. K is also the Khn, Khou or Queue symbolised by the vagina.

Because the number 10 was/is regarded by Qabalists as the stable number of their system of divine emanations (sephiroth) the number 11 was considered accursed, because it was/is outside their system. It represents the Magician outside of and therefore separate to the ten sephiroth of the Tree of Life.

It is an incredibly important number within the Thelemic system - and the Thelemic English Qabala.

Hope that helps.