11:11 Great time for conspiracy theories


Feel free to talk about your favourite conspiracy theory/theories.
Serious or jokes, both are welcome!
I expect gamma burst, cosmic and devastating, of course :slight_smile:


Seems that way for me too :grin:


Google ‘transvestigation’. Prepare to laugh and cringe.


tonight is the Stargate…wut u guys got prepared for tonight


Wow stargate? It is 11th of the 11th month. I have been seeing 1111 everywhere. My life is finally reaching a better and more enlightened place. All of a sudden I’m healing well.


yea, and I believe it is going to be strongest at 11:11 pm so I’m planning on doing a ton of rites for my family and their well-being, cuz they need it


I’m living in a van, down by the river, the CIA pays me for adding chemicals to the water to turn the freakin’ frogs gay!


Yo David. Did you google it? Pretty crazy right?


I can only guess. A little bit out of shape for looking for new things like that. We’ve already had the same situatons many times. Maybe I would look for some youtube inspiration later on :slight_smile:


5D, E.T, 5G, stargates, pillars of lights, solar storm, spiritual ascension + 11:11:11
Try it :slight_smile:


This video summarizes it