10 red baboons and a Christian spirit

Has anyone of you on here been a Spiritual Christian (I.e not in your mind only, but from birth brought up in a church and from your waking memory a spiritual christian) then ended up leaving christianity on the spiritual level and not just ideological (I.e, my religion is named Christian, now I’m just deciding not to be one).

Anyone left christianity on the soul level, like departed from the entity christ?

What was it like, if not that… what was it like freeing yourself from having the birth imprint of christianity or religion being cleared from your mind after being involved in it since you were born?
Liberating? Scary?

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I am Christian , I don’t intend to leave , I still work with spirits of other pantheons

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Same. I was just wondering if other people have done it.

It’s good to see you on here. I’m pleased of fellow Christians doing paganistic or pantheist type stuff.


Terrifying. Dark night of the soul type terrifying with nightmares and severe depression.

… then liberating and less scary as I found out about other beliefs and history

To be honest from my experience i feel that the LHP side takes better care of you and care for you more then rhp does. They are more passionate Lilith is my spiritual Mother and she has done wonders in my life she is the most amazing that i have came across other then Satan that has also done wonders for me. I follow a few others or really they follow me and decide to be around me with there presence. I have the ut most respect for the Left hand Elders some people do both sides of the ball. Unless the other side presents them self to me i leave them be but thats just me. Yes there Dark side of the spectrum has really strong and invigorating presence but its so worth it. I wish you a well fulfilled Journey :first_quarter_moon_with_face::spider_web::last_quarter_moon_with_face:


Thanks man

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Satan or Lucifer? people have a habit of intertwining the 2 on here, if you dont mind clarifying for me if its not a problem

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I know dude! Oh my god.
Check this out.
If Satan is Saturn or seth, and Lucifer is eosphorus or Venus.
Then they aren’t the same entity then, correct?
Where are these similarities stemming from?

i dont know if that is correct

this is based on a Roman deity i think, nothing to do with the famous Lucifer most have worked with here in my opinion

Satan in its etymology as a word means Adversary, Lucifer means Light Bringer

So, therefore Lucifer IS based off of the Roman deity?

Unless Lucifer is just being given that name but is in actuality something else. I.E shaitan.

in my opinion, the Lucifer most have worked with on here, with his famous sigil, has nothing to do with the Roman Deity, i could be wrong though

Satan and Lucifer are not the same in my opinion

I agree. But I think people wanting others to bow down to their certain cults, even non abrahamic ones are trying to syncretize the 2 to ruin the fun for others, or just out of sheer uneducated information to cause confusion.

ehhh, i think it boils down to experience perhaps

In my experience they are two different entities and they are both amazing

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ahh so you actually meant Satan, thanks for clarifying

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Ohh yes he has so much knowledge i mean they all do but i ask him for his strength and knowledge for the most part when i talk to him

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Saying that Lucifer which is a Roman god(Venus) being that of the Hebrew entity (Satan or Saturn) is from or through experience?