10 readings with lucifer amaymon(CLOSED)

We had brilliant success with belial’s thread. For those that missed readings from belial’s thread I hope lucifer can help you out🙂.

I hope to do this with every gate keeper as I travel down the road so to speak. I just recently finished amaymon’s gate and am about to begin working with azazel and I’m excited. Post your questions below if you’d like them private then post below that you’d like them private.

If you’re wondering when azazel’s thread is expected it is unknown at the moment as I have not even started his path working yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

So same goes with belial’s thread I feel a strong permanent possession type connection with these two gate keepers so I will be able to answer your questions with a quote by him fairly quickly. I hope we can help you to the best of our abilities :slightly_smiling_face:


My question is how does he feel about working with me now?

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Private or publicly answered? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Private please :slight_smile:

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I would love reading. Just general one.

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Private or public.

in private, my question is what words do Taoist magicians use to consecrate their tools like ink and brush

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7 spots open guys.

Note I am sharing what I hear from lucifer amaymon. What I share with you is words I receive from him.I am doing my best to bring you all satisfaction however I can’t necessarily puppeteer lucifer to give you exactly what you want to hear every time. :sweat_smile:

6 spots left (I had someone message my inbox directly)

Having a reading would make my day

general for me. private please?

Count me in, I would like general one

I will message you 3. 3 spots left. Would you 3 like your readings public or private.

Private for me thansk

Hello again
I am in
I didn’t miss your thread
What is Lucifer opinion about me ?

Reading here, please.

How do I progress further in magick to reach my ultimate goal and get more experiences to help me understand the reality of the occult? As in, my ultimate goal is to reach the ultimate end of any reality beyond the omniverse (which is myself).

Thank you everyone this was very fun :star_struck: I hope lucifer was able to help you!

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Private or public

Private or public.