10 free dark archetypes tarot readings

If anyones interested, I am giving out 10 free tarot readings to anyone who comments on this thread first and then messages me.

Feel free to ask the MAXIMUM of 3 questions about anything

Vrindavana Krishna.


I would love to have one! Will pm you in abit

yes please :star_struck:

I would love one!

Can i go on the list?

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I would love one. I’ll pm after work. I have think about my questions :thinking:

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It says i cannot PM you.

Want one!!!

Want one please

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i want one

Yes please!

Am I still within 10? If not, thank you anyway. Hope everyone gets what they want to hear!

Looks like I’m 11th lol Of course😂

I m interested, if i can

I did not understand

I deleted the request because what I am working on already has a lot of forces at play, and I considered that having a new eye (and whatever eyes see through it) peering into things could disrupt events.

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Sweet, that put me at 10th. Is it okay if I PM you?

Me too, help me out with something :slight_smile:

I want one too! I’ll PM you

I’d love to get one