1 Week+ Blackening Chakras Update

ive been working on blackening my chakras

so far here is what ive noticed:

-overall increased energy throughout the day

-i can hear the spirits in the goetia more clearly

-im more aware of my energies and chakras

-possibly even more that im aware of as of right now

Ive been blackening my chakras almost everyday for only 10min and feel still feel the benefits, they are instant. ive already flatlined with my current energy and need to increase the amount of time i spend doing this. hopefully i can get into more advanced techniques as this becomes rudimentary


Is there any other method to getting these other than blackening them? I don’t fully understand why they become black

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yes of course, this route isnt the only way to do things. they become black when you merge the chakras with black nothingness, making them much stronger. i actually felt the chakra center without having to anything just standing there feeling the center by itself

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