1 Cockroach

I live in a hotel I saw 1 cockroach does that mean there is more also is there a certain black magick I could do to prevent further cockroaches coming to my place?

I’ve been eating pop tarts granola bars chips cereal oatmeal but I always wash my bowl after I am done :white_check_mark: so you can see why I’m a bit worried and I don’t have a thing that sucks up the crumbs of my chips granola bars that reside on my bed :sleeping_bed: I also do not have a infestation of Trash laying around just a few crumbs here and there I also don’t have any dishes but one the room came with which isn’t even a bowl I just use it as one :point_up:

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Alright I think this has already been answered. Just to clarify this is in no way shape or form magick related, the hotel probably just has a bug problem. The best “magick” Here would just to keep a clean house and kill any roaches you C. Personally I’m going to be completely Frank I feel as though you are either massively trolling the form or have no comprehension of what magic really is what so ever to the point that this is Something that could even be seen as an insult to true practitioners. Magic is a not some wonder cure or some Hollywood magic force or you can just use to solve all of your problems.


@DarkestKnight Is replying as well so he’ll probably have more to say on this.

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This is the remains of the cockroach i am not trolling

Do what you can to keep a clean room, take your trash out at night (as they tend to eat at night), and complain to management. Pretty much all you can do



Yes. They live in walls, and dark corners. I suggest buying some bug killer and roach strips.


However, the combination of the angel Chaviah and the demon Naberius is said to “cause rats and other pests to flee your dwelling.” Not sure how effective it would be though compared to more mundane solutions.


I apologize if I over reacted to this but this I really think that you are falling into the trap of using magic in place of the mundane. Magic is something used to enhance the mundane therefore it cannot be achieved without the mundane. You need to take care of the things that you can do yourself 1st, magic is something primarily used for either self betterment/improvement or to make the chances of the things happening to you better


Dissolve washing soda in water - a strong solution. Spray this around walls, doors, under electrical appliances like refrigerators, etc. Dries into a very fine white powder. This attaches itself to cockroaches who ingest it whist cleaning themselves and die. Non poisonous, except to cockroaches.



No need to apologize I’m not religious and won’t judge you for whatever you said to me I could care less about anything at this point in my life

I’ve imagined job interviews I’ve imagined the things I imagine cannot and will never happen my imagination is just a fantasy getting a job is just one of my fantasy’s its not real just a fantasy I Carried a 40 pound bike for an hour or more ya know fantasizing that since I got the tired in place I could air it up

Just like everything I’ve ever imagined went the complete opposite of what the good outcome was in my fantasy imagination

There’s no point in imagination anything ever again if I were to do so then im just gonna come To find out that my optimism was just fantasy

The times I’ve imagined getting hit by a car it almost happen but when I imagine something optimistic something good it turns in a complete disaster

So no you didn’t offend me more like I made a fool out of myself carrying a bike only to find out it wasn’t even gonna work out

Now I have 20 bucks that I ain’t got no choice but to get me a pizza and stay up until I pass out i am not sleeping I’ll sleep when I pass out it’s only a matter of time before something bad happens and sleeping is just gonna cause something bad to happen faster than usual

Well alrighty then.

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