02/22/2016 Lunar Energy Shift, Perfect Day To Do Rituals

I posted this in another section of the forum as part of another massively long post, but I decided to post only this portion here in the general area as well in case some of you do not read that other section of the forum and do not see this. I felt like this was something we could all benefit from and I know that most of us do check the general discussion area

February 22nd 2016 Lunar Energy Shift
I was told that today 222 (02/22/2016) is a very powerful and important day, a day when the moons energy will shift slighty and also being a full moon that anyone who has any powerful or extreme ritual work they need to accomplish or any spells they have been putting off, that today would be the day to do them. Especially any magick involving releasing, binding, or merging. The moons energy is extremely powerful today, perfect time for ritual work!

Last night, after midnight I decided to make use of this lunar energy and I’ve got to say, powerful, it is. My ritual work last night produced an energy more powerful than probably anything I have ever felt before. Now there are also underlying reasons why it felt so powerful for me, not just the lunar energy that is increased right now, but I cannot divulge any details as it is very personal to me.